Staying at Home = Less stress for you and your pet!

Does your cat hide like a ninja once that carrier comes out? Have you witnessed the happy doggy-in-the-car eyes turn dark when you enter the vet's parking lot? Do you want to give the opportunity to your pet to be cared for at home during their last days on earth? Would you like to give your furry family member the gift of passing peacefully in his home environment?  

Enter Vet At Your Door! It is our mission to make things as stress-free for you and your beloved animals by keeping you both at the place you feel most comfortable -- your home.  

If you are in our service area, please read on for how our visit together will work.  

What do I have to do? 

So what is your part in all of this? Two main things: First, you need to make the appointment! Second, just be sure you and your pets are around (inside if possible) when we come over.     

What happens at the home visit? 

At the home visit, your veterinarian will do an initial exam wherever is comfortable for your animal such as on the couch or on the floor. Depending on the circumstances, a veterinary technician may be there to help with any restraint, diagnostics, or treatments that are needed.   

We will guide you through every aspect of what she is doing and why. From ensuring good health with preventative care visits, to helping your animal when they aren't feeling well, to giving them the dignity they deserve when they leave this earth, Vet At Your Door can help make your veterinary experience as stress-free, compassionate, and personal as possible.    

How much is it? 

Our prices are in line with other local clinics' costs for services your pet may need. There is a "house call" fee that is based on a per mile driving charge.  Please contact us for a more detailed quote.  

What about payment?

Vet at Your Door expects payment at the time of service. We take credit cards, checks, or cash.  We do not offer payment plans.  

I am interested in euthanasia.  Where can I read more about the process?

To read more about the euthanasia process, please visit our "List of Services" page under the "Euthanasia" section.