See what our pet parents are saying about their home vet experience.

We had to do the hardest thing as pet owners a few weeks ago. I called Dr.Abigail and they arranged to come to our home at 2:30 that day. They arrived on time and were so very comforting in our darkest day! Our precious Tyson did not suffer a bit. I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this so peaceful for our family. Every pet owner should consider Vet at your Door for all your home care needs.
— Laura T. about her dog Tyson
I find the one-on-one relationship I have with Dr. Frey invaluable and deeply comforting,” says Donna Parkinson of Freeport. “Because she comes into my home and sees how my beloved shy and quirky cat, Ginger, interacts in her domain, I feel she brings a calming influence to what could be a stressful situation. I have found Dr. Frey to not only be patient and warm but highly knowledgeable and experienced.
— Donna P. about her cat Ginger
He was a very special cat and I loved him with my whole heart. I thank Dr. Frey so much for helping us do right by him and let him go with dignity, peace and love at home. I will never forget it.
— Theresa M. about her cat Zak
Dr. Frey is a lifesaver. Whenever I had questions about my dog Penny, she was more than responsive in addressing my concerns. Having her come to the house was also fantastic. She had an amazing rapport with my dog - she didn’t tremble at all like she usually does at the vet’s. Dr. Frey’s professionalism and experience made me assured that Penny was getting nothing but the best care. I highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed!
— Vanessa about her dog Penny
When coming to visit my dog Brady in-home, Dr. Frey has such a kind and gentle nature with him. Her ability to assess his health is done with concern and compassion, not only putting him at ease, but me also. I highly trust and recommend her services.
— Marilyn about her dog Brady
Dr. Frey is a great communicator and aside from her clear and concise emails, she also texts me to follow up on how my dog is doing! Her level of care is so personal and caring that I cannot imagine ever having to go back to using a conventional vet clinic.! We absolutely love, love, love her & you will too.
— Sandra G. about her dog Izbe
Fantastic...What a great experience to have met Dr. Messina and Tina. They were so warm and loving to our old boxer friend and spent the time explaining to us what would happen as he is nearing the end of his life. Such a stress free experience. Wonderful thank you.
— Jayne T. about her dog Rosco
Dr. Messina put Bailey on a medication that began to help him immediately, especially his pain, and we made a first appointment for acupuncture. To make a long story short, after the first few treatments Bailey showed significant improvement and his pain was GONE, and he bounced back emotionally. Today, we finished our seventh acupuncture treatment, and he is now WALKING and even CLIMBING STAIRS - certainly gingerly, but he has come back to us - and we couldn’t be happier.
— Faith Y. about dog Bailey
I thought it would be a lot more for this luxury service but the prices seem very in line with local clinics
— Stacey S. about her dogs Izzy and Claire
Dr. Frey has gone above and beyond to help us with our first dog. From the beginning she has taken time to educate and inform us about vaccines, food, training, and more. Buoy, a golden retriever puppy, came to us with fleas and worms, Dr. Frey was able to treated him quickly and comforted his worried parents :). For the past 2 years she has done a great job helping us with any questions or concerns we have. Her knowledge, compassion and love for animals is ultimately what drew us to her. She’s been a great fit for us and we’re lucky to have found her!
— Maryellen and Eric about their dog Buoy
Hard to imagine kinder, more compassionate care for pets and their owners. I have no words to express the gratitude I have for Dr. Messina and her guidance as we helped our companion of 16 years stay comfortable during her final weeks with us.
— Cici F. about her cat Maggie
We are so indebted to Dr. Frey and her services ….Immediate, caring, professional, reliable, thorough, and comforting to us and to our pets.

One morning, our usually energetic, rambunctious dog, Louie, couldn’t move. We don’t know how we could have transported him and helped him without Dr. Frey. He looked so sad and hurt. How wonderful it was to be able to call and speak her directly. She asked all the right questions, educated us, visited, provided treatment and meds right in our home. All this was so reassuring and such a comfort not only for Louie, but for us. Louie is back to his ole’ self again, and we know who we can count on should we need help again.
— Barbara about her dog Louie
After a week of dealing with two sick kids, our 11 year old lab Ashby started having what I thought was seizures or a stroke. Tina got us right on the schedule and Dr. Frey quickly returned my after hours call and assured me it was probably a vestibular episode (vertigo for dogs). Dr. Messina came to the house soon after to check on her - all were so helpful and kind and I can’t say speak highly enough about how helpful/convenient care in the home is, especially as our labs age - gone are the days of dragging two kids and two dogs to the vet!
— Janet T. about her dog Ashby
I cannot describe the care and compassion she had toward my friend Abe, and the time she spent talking and hearing stories of his adventures. While sad and heartbroken, I am still and will forever be thankful for her presence that day.
— Greg S. about his cat Abe
I really appreciated the efficiency and convenience of getting all my pet care done for the year in a single low-stress home visit. My animals are, shall we say, neurotic? Tony for example had a “vicious cat” stamp on his file at the vet’s. And my dog Crocker had to tranquilized when he went to the vet because he was so nervous. I can’t stress enough how much better an at-home visit is for animals like mine.
— Deede M. about her dog Crocker and cat Tony
Our cat Lydia was starting to lose some weight and I could tell something was wrong. She absolutely HATES the vet so I was really stressed about putting her through a vet visit to try to figure out what was wrong. I found Dr. Frey and I can’t tell you how grateful I am! She came over, explained several different possibilities what could be wrong, and took blood. She got back to me with results very quickly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t great news for Lydia but together with Dr. Frey, we gave her another six months on this earth living a good quality of life. Dr. Frey would come over to monitor her through her sickness and provide ways to keep her feeling well. She has an amazing bedside manner and was so helpful in guiding us through her final months and did a truly magnificent job in helping us come to terms with the “end” and ultimately helped us give Lydia a peaceful, pain-free, and loving ending.
— Toby about his cat Lydia
Make the call, you and your pets won’t regret it!
— Noelle and her dog Sadie