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Burial at Sea


Creating Coral Reefs from Cremated Remains

As a step in our endeavor to reduce our ecological footprint, we have partnered with Memorial Reefs International. Through this partnership, ashes from those pets who are cremated but the owners wish not to have the ashes returned to them, will be built into artificial reef spheres and respectfully placed on the ocean floor.

Reef spheres will be placed in areas that present the highest need of coral repair. Please note that we will be unable to provide a location of the reef's final resting place.


Memorial Reefs are an ecological way to respectfully honor your precious pet.


When families dedicate their beloved pet’s cremated remains to the ocean, they enhance the coral generation and marine biomass. In other words, it is a meaningful burial at sea, with a legacy.

What is the process? 
Your pet’s Living Legacy begins with the addition of their cremated remains within a Reef Ball Memorial. A portion or all of your pet’s cremated remains, as well as other pets' cremains, are incorporated into cast concrete that has the same pH balance of the ocean to ensure a long lifespan.


The surface of the memorial is textured to allow adhesion of coral polyps, while its hollow center shelters fish and other marine animals. Memorial Reefs help to restore the coral reef ecosystem lost to the ravages of Global Climate Change.


Engineered to last more than 500 years, the entire pet reef will provide significant marine life and coral growth for generations to come.

Let's Work Together



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