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To order items for your pet, you can use the search bar above or you can click a category. Thank you for shopping local!

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Memorial Items

Grief is such an individual process and there is no "right" way to navigate it. While some choose to rely on memories to honor their pet, others find meaning, solace, and remembrance in certain memorial items to honor their pet. For those in the latter category, we have chosen our favorite items from our years of experience. If you find something you would like, you can add it to your cart and check out. This will send your order to our veterinary team.

If the item involves your pet directly, such as ashes or paw/nose prints, we require that you make your order prior to your euthanasia appointment. This way, we are sure to give you what you are asking for, as time is limited once the euthanasia procedure is complete.

Please note: If you choose a private cremation with Vet At Your Door, this includes the return of your pet's ashes in our Hand-crafted Rosewood Urn, along with a brass name plate with your pet's name. There are three urns that can be substituted for no charge here online for the Hand-crafted Rosewood Urn: the Decorative Metal Urn, the Serenity Photo Urn, and the Cedar Memorial Urn.

An ink or clay paw print of your pet's paw can also be made by the veterinarian - the type depends on the doctor present and the supplies they are carrying. If you elect a different urn than those listed above, want a different inscription on the name plate, or want to ensure a clay paw print is obtained, you can order it here. Any costs are additional.

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