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Vet At Your Door specializes in providing compassionate, in-home veterinary care, making the management of chronic diseases in cats less stressful and more convenient for both the pet and the owner. It's our goal to maximize health span, or quality of life, for your cat, so they can continue to live their best lives for as long as possible. 


Here are some FAQs about chronic diseases in cats and how Vet At Your Door can help make this stressful time a lot easier. 


How do I manage my cat's chronic kidney disease?

Regular monitoring of kidney function through blood tests and urine analysis is crucial. Vet At Your Door can facilitate these tests at your home, reducing the stress of clinic visits for your cat.


What should I feed my cat with a chronic disease?

Dietary management plays a key role in managing chronic diseases like kidney disease or diabetes. Our vets can recommend specific therapeutic diets during home visits and deliver them to you.


How can I help my cat with arthritis stay comfortable?

Managing arthritis involves pain management, joint supplements, and gentle exercise. We can provide in-home assessments to tailor a pain management plan and suggest suitable exercises and supplements.


My cat has diabetes; how often should blood sugar levels be checked?

Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is essential. We can teach you how to monitor your cat's blood sugar at home and offer guidance on insulin therapy during our visits.


Can chronic diseases in cats be cured?

While many chronic diseases cannot be cured, they can often be managed effectively with medication, diet, and lifestyle changes. Our team can guide you on long-term management plans during our consultations.


What are the signs that my cat's chronic disease is not well-managed?

Changes in appetite, weight, activity level, or behavior can signal poor disease management. We provide regular check-ups and adjustments to treatment plans as needed, right in your home.


How can I help my cat with a chronic respiratory disease?

Managing chronic respiratory diseases may involve medication and environmental modifications. We can assess your home environment and suggest changes to help reduce your cat’s symptoms.


Is it safe to vaccinate a cat with a chronic disease?

This depends on the disease and the overall health of your cat. We can assess your cat’s condition and provide appropriate vaccination advice during our home visits.


How often should a cat with a chronic disease see the vet?

Cats with chronic conditions often need more frequent veterinary visits. We offer flexible scheduling for regular check-ups to monitor your cat’s health without the stress of clinic visits.


Can my cat live a normal life with a chronic disease?

Many cats with chronic diseases can live comfortable and happy lives with proper management. Our goal is to work with you to provide the best quality of life for your cat through tailored in-home care.


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