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Pet Loss Support Resources


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Memorializing a Pet

If you're grieving the loss of your beloved pet, this guide offers compassionate strategies to help you honor and cherish their memory. It includes ideas for creating meaningful keepsakes like paw prints or fur clippings, and suggests holding a memorial service to celebrate the life you shared together. The guide also encourages you to find solace by engaging in positive actions such as donating to animal charities or volunteering, which can help you preserve your pet's legacy while supporting other animals in need. Through these heartfelt activities, you can find comfort and keep your cherished companion's memory alive in a special way. Please scroll down to write a special memory about your own pet. 

Caring for Yourself

In times of grief following the loss of your beloved pet, this guide provides crucial support by emphasizing the importance of nurturing all aspects of your well-being. It encourages you to express your emotions freely, maintain physical health, and engage in comforting activities that soothe the spirit. The guide stresses the significance of emotional outlets like journaling and creative arts, physical self-care such as exercise and proper nutrition, and cognitive practices to help manage the fog of grief. By taking these steps, you can honor your feelings and the memory of your pet while gently guiding yourself toward healing and peace.

Helping a Child Grieve the Loss of a Pet

If your family is navigating the painful journey of pet loss, this guide provides invaluable advice on supporting your grieving child. It emphasizes the importance of open communication, allowing children to express their feelings and fears about death honestly. The guide advises maintaining routines to give children a sense of stability and suggests using the pet's loss as a teachable moment to discuss life, death, and the emotional spectrum in between. By engaging with your child's grieving process—through reflective listening, validating their feelings, and being a model of healthy grieving—you can help them learn to cope with loss in a nurturing environment.

Supporting a Grieving Pet

During the challenging time of pet loss, this guide offers essential advice on supporting your remaining pets who may also be grieving. It emphasizes maintaining usual routines to provide stability and suggests closely observing your pets for any changes in behavior that may indicate distress. The document highlights the importance of your presence and comfort to help them adjust, recommending gentle interaction and the possible use of familiar items like the deceased pet's belongings to provide solace. By following these compassionate strategies, you can help your pets navigate their grief, while also taking steps to care for your own emotional well-being.

Memorial Page

Create a lasting tribute to your beloved pet on our memorial section below. Share your cherished memories or write a heartfelt message about what they meant to you. This space is dedicated to celebrating the joy and love pets bring into our lives, helping us all to remember and honor them together.

Memorial Page (1)

25 de abr.

I only had Griffin for 2 months after I adopted him from the shelter. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with FIP and Thanks to vet at your door and Dr Greenlaw we were able to make him cross the rainbow bridge at home, peacefully. Rest in peace Griffin 💕


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