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At Vet At Your Door, we extend our compassionate and professional veterinary care to include comprehensive lab tests for dogs. Understanding the significance of these tests and how they can be seamlessly conducted in the comfort of your home is crucial. Let’s explore the common questions regarding dog lab tests and how we, at Vet At Your Door, can assist in making this process stress-free and informative for you and your pet.

Here are some common questions we get about dog lab tests. 

What types of lab tests are commonly performed on dogs?

Dogs often undergo a range of tests including urinalysis, fecal exams, Complete Blood Count (CBC), blood clotting times, blood chemistries, and cytology. These tests provide insights into your dog’s health, covering aspects like hydration status, infections, organ function, and the potential presence of cancerous cells.

Why are lab tests important for my dog?

Lab tests are vital for early detection and treatment of various conditions such as kidney or liver diseases, diabetes, and infections. Regular lab testing helps in monitoring your dog’s health, especially when starting new medications or as part of senior wellness exams.

How are blood samples collected from dogs?

Blood collection in dogs is typically done from the neck or leg veins. At Vet At Your Door, we prioritize your dog's comfort and reduce stress by employing gentle and efficient methods for sample collection.

Is the process of collecting samples stressful for dogs?

While individual responses vary, our Fear Free Certified approach aims to minimize stress for your dog. We use techniques that ensure a calm and reassuring environment during sample collection.

When should my dog get lab tests done?

Lab tests are recommended at different life stages and in various situations such as initial health checks, before surgeries, during illness, and as part of routine senior health assessments.

Can Vet At Your Door perform these tests at home?

Yes, we offer in-home lab testing services for dogs, ensuring a comfortable and familiar environment for your pet. This approach helps in reducing the stress associated with visiting a veterinary clinic.

What if lab tests indicate a health issue?

If a lab test reveals any health concerns, our team will discuss the results with you and propose an appropriate treatment plan. Our in-home services allow for personalized care tailored to your dog's specific needs.

Lab tests play a significant role in maintaining your dog's health. At Vet At Your Door, we are dedicated to providing these essential services with compassion and professionalism, right in the comfort of your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment, feel free to call us at (207) 536-8387, email at, or fill out our online form. Our goal is to ensure your dog enjoys a healthy and happy life with you.

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