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Laser therapy, utilizing low-level lasers, is a modern and effective treatment for various canine conditions, particularly those involving pain and inflammation. At Vet At Your Door, we offer mobile laser therapy services, bringing this advanced treatment directly to your home. This approach is ideal for dogs experiencing discomfort due to conditions like arthritis, injury, or post-surgical pain. Our Fear Free certified team ensures a stress-free and comfortable experience for your dog, enhancing the healing benefits of laser therapy in a familiar environment.

AND THOSE DOGGLES your dog will wear are just amazing. Here are some common questions we get about dog laser therapy: 

What is laser therapy for dogs?

Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and inflamed areas, promoting healing and reducing pain. At Vet At Your Door, we use this technology to address various canine health issues, enhancing your dog's comfort and recovery process.

What conditions can laser therapy treat in dogs?

It's effective for musculoskeletal issues like arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle and joint pain, wounds, ulcers, ear and anal infections, and postoperative pain. Our team tailors the treatment to your dog's specific condition.

How does laser therapy provide pain relief?

It reduces inflammation, enhances blood circulation, and promotes cellular repair, leading to pain relief and accelerated healing. Our approach focuses on alleviating your dog's discomfort effectively and safely.

What are the benefits of laser therapy beyond pain relief?

Benefits include increased metabolic activity, improved nerve function, reduced scar tissue formation, and faster wound healing. We aim to improve your dog's overall health and mobility through laser therapy.

How long does a laser therapy session take?

Sessions typically last between 3 and 30 minutes, depending on the condition's severity and the area being treated. Our mobile service ensures convenience and comfort for your dog during each session.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of sessions varies. Acute conditions may require fewer treatments, while chronic issues might need ongoing sessions. We'll develop a personalized treatment plan for your dog.

Are there any side effects of laser therapy?

Laser therapy is safe with no known adverse effects, making it suitable for dogs of all ages and conditions. Our team ensures the highest safety standards are maintained during each session.

Can laser therapy cure my dog's condition?

While not a cure for all conditions, laser therapy significantly aids in managing pain, improving function, and enhancing quality of life. Our goal is to reduce medication dependence and increase your dog's comfort.

How do I know if laser therapy is right for my dog?

Our veterinarians will conduct a thorough assessment to determine if laser therapy is suitable for your dog's specific condition and overall health.

What should I expect during a laser therapy appointment?

During the session, your dog will experience a gentle, warming sensation. There's no need for sedation, and most dogs find the treatment relaxing. We ensure a calm and comfortable experience throughout. And we provide the MOST AMAZING photo op with those amazing doggles!

Laser therapy offers a modern, non-invasive approach to treating various health conditions in dogs. At Vet At Your Door, we provide this service in the comfort of your home, tailored to your dog's specific needs and health status. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (207) 536-8387, email, or fill out our online form. Our commitment is to your dog's health and comfort, ensuring the best possible outcomes from laser therapy treatments.

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