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At Vet At Your Door, we specialize in providing comprehensive and compassionate telemedicine services for dogs. Our Fear Free Certified approach ensures a stress-free experience for your pet, right in the comfort of your home. Whether you are an existing client or someone looking for quality of life consultations, we're here to offer personalized care and advice for your canine companion.

Here are some common questions we get about dog telemedicine: 

What Exactly is Dog Telemedicine?

Dog telemedicine refers to the remote delivery of veterinary services using digital communication technologies. At Vet At Your Door, we offer telemedicine to existing clients who have had their dogs physically examined by us within the last year. This service includes consultations, follow-up care, and managing ongoing health issues. For quality of life consultations, we extend our services to all dog owners, providing expert advice and support to ensure the best care for your pet.

How Does Dog Telemedicine Work at Vet At Your Door?

Our telemedicine process begins with scheduling a virtual appointment, where you'll connect with our veterinarians via a video call. This service is designed to continue the care for our existing clients, offering convenience and continuity. For non-clients, we offer quality of life consultations which can provide valuable advice and support for your dog's well-being, addressing concerns like behavior, diet, and general health.

What Conditions Can Be Addressed Through Telemedicine?

We can address a variety of non-emergency conditions through telemedicine, such as minor injuries, skin issues, allergies, dietary consultations, and behavior problems. Chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and chronic kidney disease that require ongoing monitoring can also be managed effectively. Our veterinarians at Vet At Your Door can guide you on the best course of action, whether it's a minor issue that can be managed at home or if it requires further medical attention.

Is Telemedicine Safe for My Dog?

Telemedicine is a safe and effective way to consult about your dog's health, provided the condition isn't an emergency or doesn't require hands-on examination. At Vet At Your Door, we ensure that our telemedicine consultations are thorough and personalized, focusing on your dog's specific needs and health history.

Do I Need a Physical Examination for My Dog to Use Telemedicine?

For our existing clients, a recent physical examination (within the last 12 months) is necessary to utilize our telemedicine services effectively. This requirement helps us ensure that we have up-to-date information about your dog's health. However, for our quality of life consultations, we welcome all dog owners, regardless of whether their pet has been seen by us before, as it is focused on advice and support.

Can Telemedicine Diagnose My Dog's Health Issues?

Telemedicine is particularly effective for discussing symptoms, offering advice, and guiding you on managing your dog's health. For existing clients, we can provide more specific insights based on our previous interactions with your dog. In cases where a physical examination is necessary, we will guide you on the next steps.

How Can Telemedicine Benefit My Dog?

Telemedicine reduces the stress and anxiety associated with clinic visits, especially for dogs that are anxious or have mobility issues. At Vet At Your Door, we provide a comfortable and familiar environment for your dog during the consultation, which can lead to more accurate assessments and a better understanding of your dog’s behavior and needs.

What If My Dog Needs Emergency Care?

Telemedicine is not suitable for emergency situations. If your dog requires immediate medical attention, we recommend visiting a veterinarian in person. Our team can assist in identifying situations that warrant an emergency visit and direct you to the nearest veterinary clinic. Of course, if it is a life-threatening situation, we always advise you to get to your local emergency clinic as soon as possible. 

How Do I Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment?

For a successful telemedicine appointment, ensure you have a stable internet connection and a quiet space for your dog. Prepare any relevant medical records, a list of your dog's symptoms, and any specific questions or concerns you may have. This preparation will help us provide the most accurate and helpful advice.

Can Telemedicine Handle Prescription Needs?

For our existing clients with an established VCPR, we can manage prescription needs based on our previous knowledge of your dog's health history. If medications are warranted, we may even be able to drop off medications to your home or drop them in the mail. For new clients or those without a VCPR, we can provide advice about quality-of-life decisions but cannot prescribe medication. 

At Vet At Your Door, we are dedicated to providing exceptional telemedicine services for your dog, prioritizing their comfort and health while providing you exceptional convenience. Whether you are an existing client or someone seeking quality of life advice, we are here to support you and your pet. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (207) 536-8387, email us at, or fill out our online form.

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