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Managing chronic diseases in dogs can be a challenging yet essential aspect of pet care. Vet At Your Door, with its focus on in-home veterinary services, plays a crucial role in providing the necessary support for dogs with chronic illnesses. Our services include conducting lab work, administering fluid therapy, adjusting nutrition, and offering expert advice on managing your dog's condition effectively.

Below are some common questions we get about dog chronic disease management. 

What are the symptoms and management of diabetes in dogs?

Dogs with diabetes may show changes in appetite, increased thirst, and urination. At Vet At Your Door, we manage this condition through regular insulin injections, oral medications, and dietary adjustments tailored to your dog’s specific needs​​​​.


How is chronic kidney disease (CKD) identified and treated in dogs?

CKD often presents with increased thirst and urination, weight loss, and lethargy. We provide comprehensive care, including diet control, medications, and fluid therapy. Our at-home lab work helps in early detection and ongoing monitoring of this condition​​.


What is the best approach to managing obesity in dogs?

We tackle obesity through a combination of diet control and exercise regimens. We provide personalized nutritional advice and regular monitoring to ensure your dog achieves and maintains a healthy weight​​.


How can I effectively manage my dog’s chronic illness without feeling overwhelmed?

Managing a chronic illness in dogs requires an organized approach. We help you maintain records, establish a medication schedule, and make necessary adjustments in your home to accommodate your dog's needs. Our team provides continuous support and guidance throughout the process​​.

Are there alternative treatments available for managing chronic conditions in dogs?

In addition to traditional treatments, we also explore alternative therapies like acupuncture, physical therapy, and herbal supplements. We integrate these treatments into your dog's care plan, ensuring they complement the primary treatments and enhance overall well-being​​.

At Vet At Your Door, we are dedicated to providing top-notch, in-home veterinary care for dogs with chronic conditions. Our comprehensive services include lab work, fluid therapy, nutritional adjustments, and personalized management plans. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us through our form online, at (207) 536-8387 or email at We are committed to ensuring the best quality of life for your pet through our compassionate and professional veterinary services.

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