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Embracing the Future with Vet Med 3.0: A Holistic Approach with Solensia, Librela, and Beyond

By Deirdre Frey, VMD

At Vet At Your Door, we're not just keeping pace with the advancements in veterinary medicine; we're setting the standard with our Vet Med 3.0 approach. This innovative, proactive model of care goes beyond traditional treatments, incorporating cutting-edge diagnostics and solutions like Solensia and Librela alongside complementary therapies such as cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and tailored medication plans. Our One Team approach ensures that every pet receives personalized, holistic care designed to maximize healthspan and enhance quality of life.

The Scientific Foundation of Solensia and Librela

Solensia and Librela represent the pinnacle of targeted treatments for osteoarthritis (OA) pain in cats and dogs, respectively. These therapies work by neutralizing nerve growth factor (NGF), a key molecule involved in the sensation of pain. By addressing pain at its source, Solensia and Librela offer pets the chance to live more comfortably and actively, free from the constraints of OA pain.

Transformative Care in Action

The remarkable efficacy of these treatments is evident in the joyful leaps and bounds of pets who've regained their zest for life post-treatment. Videos capturing the before-and-after experiences of dogs treated with Librela, for instance, showcase the profound difference effective pain management can make. These visual stories underscore our commitment to not only treating pets but truly transforming their lives.

Below is a colleague's beloved dog, Ira, who was receiving Rimadyl, a common NSAID, for his arthritis:

Next, here is after Ira's second injection of Librela, after having been off Rimadyl for one week!

The results have been truly remarkable!

Our Comprehensive One Team Approach

The One Team model at Vet At Your Door brings together a dedicated veterinarian, veterinary technician, and client liaison for each patient, ensuring a consistent and deeply personalized care experience. This team approach is integral to our practice, allowing for a nuanced understanding of each pet's health journey and fostering a trusting relationship with pet owners.

A Spectrum of Supportive Therapies

Understanding that no two pets are the same, we complement the revolutionary benefits of Solensia and Librela with a range of other services to tailor a comprehensive care plan for each pet. Cold laser therapy offers a non-invasive option to reduce inflammation and pain, acupuncture provides relief and balance by stimulating specific points on the body, and customized medication plans ensure that every aspect of a pet's health is addressed. These therapies, combined with the groundbreaking treatments of Solensia and Librela, allow us to offer a holistic approach to managing OA and other chronic conditions.

Enhancing Lives, One Pet at a Time

At the heart of our Vet Med 3.0 approach is a proactive commitment to enhancing the lives of pets. By integrating advanced treatments, complementary therapies, and our One Team model, we ensure that every pet receives the care they need to live their best life. From the scientific breakthroughs of Solensia and Librela to the healing touch of acupuncture and the precise application of cold laser therapy, we're dedicated to maximizing healthspan and ensuring that our furry patients enjoy every moment with their families.

At Vet At Your Door, the future of veterinary care is here, and it's brighter than ever for pets and their owners.

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