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What are signs of a cat emergency?

Recognizing signs that indicate a veterinary emergency in cats is crucial for their well-being. Here are key signs that should prompt immediate veterinary attention:

  1. Difficulty Breathing: Rapid, labored, or noisy breathing, or extended effort to inhale or exhale.

  2. Persistent Coughing or Choking: Could indicate a serious respiratory issue or obstruction.

  3. Inability to Urinate or Straining to Urinate: Particularly in male cats, this could be a sign of a life-threatening urinary blockage.

  4. Uncontrolled Bleeding: From any part of the body, or if there's blood in urine or feces.

  5. Sudden Collapse or Weakness: An abrupt loss of strength, fainting, or inability to move.

  6. Severe Vomiting or Diarrhea: Especially if the vomit or stool contains blood, or if the condition persists for more than a day.

  7. Changes in Behavior: Sudden aggression, extreme lethargy, or if the cat seems disoriented or unresponsive.

  8. Seizures: Any episode of sudden, uncontrolled movement or loss of consciousness.

  9. Signs of Severe Pain: Continuous vocalization (meowing or howling), restlessness, or aggression when touched.

  10. Obvious Injury: Such as from a fall, fight, or accident, even if the cat appears fine initially.

  11. Swollen or Hard Abdomen: Can indicate a serious internal issue.

  12. Ingestion of Toxins: If you know or suspect your cat has ingested something toxic (e.g., antifreeze, human medications, poisonous plants).

  13. Eye Injuries: Any trauma to the eyes, or sudden blindness.

  14. Difficulty or Inability to Walk: Sudden limping, paralysis, or dragging of limbs.

  15. Excessive Drooling or Difficulty Swallowing: This can be a sign of neurological problems or obstructions.

Vet At Your Door can assist in identifying these emergency signs and guide you on the immediate steps to take, including referral to the nearest emergency clinic, including: 


Closest Emergency Clinics For Our Service Area:

  • Portland Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care: 207-878-3121, 739 Warren Avenue, Portland, ME 04103.

  • Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine: 207-777-1110, 37 Strawberry Avenue, Lewiston, ME 04240.

  • Maine Veterinary Medical Center: 207-885-1290, 1500 Technology Way, Scarborough, ME 04074

Remember, in any emergency, time is of the essence, and swift action can make a significant difference in the outcome. So if we are closed, please head to your closest animal ER. 

Is Urethral Obstruction an Emergency in Cats?

Yes, it's a critical emergency, especially in male cats. Symptoms include restless behavior and straining to urinate. Vet At Your Door can help determine if these symptoms indicate an obstruction and will promptly refer you to a local emergency clinic. If you have a male cat and Vet At Your Door is closed, please head to your local emergency clinic immediately.

What are the Signs of Poisoning in Cats?

Signs include wobbliness, vomiting, and unusual swelling. If you suspect poisoning, go to an animal ER or Urgent Care immediately. We can help assess the situation and direct you to an emergency clinic if needed.


Are Breathing Problems in Cats an Emergency?

Yes, any change in breathing, such as open mouth breathing, can be an emergency. Vet At Your Door can assist in identifying these signs and advise on immediate action, including referral to an emergency clinic.


Is Ingesting a Foreign Object an Emergency for Cats?

Absolutely. Symptoms like vomiting or weakness after ingesting a foreign object require urgent care. 


Are Cat Bite Wounds Emergencies?

Bite wounds can lead to serious infections. If your cat has a bite wound, Vet At Your Door can assess the severity. Usually these can be treated by us at home with cleaning and antibiotics. If we deem it necessary, we can refer you to an emergency clinic.

What Should I Do If My Cat is Hit by a Car?

This is a definite emergency, even if your pet seems fine, as internal bleeding can occur. Contact Vet At Your Door for guidance or head to your closest emergency clinic. 

Are Increased Thirst and Urination in Cats Emergencies?

They can be signs of serious conditions like kidney disease or diabetes. Usually when a cat is drinking and urinating a lot, we can start with getting a comprehensive lab panel at home. Diseases that can cause this are many, and lab work and a good physical exam helps us determine which therapeutic direction to go and what the prognosis is. 

Is a Saddle Thrombus an Emergency in Cats?

Yes, it's a life-threatening condition. If your cat shows signs of a saddle thrombus, like loss of use of hind legs, contact Vet At Your Door immediately for advice and referral or just head to your closest ER.


When is an Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats an Emergency?

Severe cases, especially in kittens or cats from shelters, can be emergencies. Contact Vet At Your Door for an evaluation and possible referral to an emergency clinic.

Is Sudden Blindness in Cats an Emergency?

Yes, it can indicate serious underlying conditions. Vet At Your Door can provide immediate consultation and guide you to an emergency clinic if necessary.

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