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Proviable Products

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FOR VET AT YOUR DOOR CLIENTS ONLY (we must have seen your animal in the last 12 months).

Proviable capsules or capsules plus paste:

Proviable DC contains 5 billion CFU of viable bacteria per capsule while Proviable Forte contains 10 billion CFU of viable bacteria per capsule

These products contain:

1. Probiotics, which function to:

  • Help support healthy intestinal microflora in young and adult dogs and cats
  • Activate and support the immune system
  • Help support gastrointestinal health as part of a multi-modal approach

2. Prebiotics, which

  • Are a carbohydrate food source that selectively helps encourage the growth of the Proviable® probiotics within the intestinal tract
  • Provide the nutrition necessary for colonization and growth of the probiotics
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