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Junior Vet Society - Science Kit for Kids to TRULY Learn About Veterinary Medicine!

The perfect gift for the future veterinarian!
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FINALLY! We made a veterinary kit that we would have LOVED as kids! Junior Vet Society is the perfect gift for the child that dreams of being a veterinarian! This package aims to nurture a child's interest in animals and the incredible world of veterinary medicine. They will gain insight into what it is really like to be a veterinarian.

In addition to our daily house call rounds, our staff at Vet At Your Door is also super passionate about educating kids about veterinary medicine. We've met so many young animal lovers who want to learn more than what a "play/pretend veterinary" kit provides. That's why we created the Junior Vet Society!

Designed for ages 7-12. Note: As always, it is recommended that a parent supervises any pet-human interaction.

May have small parts - not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Theme: The Veterinary Visit - From Start To Finish

  • Special Items: A personalized high-quality medical tote ("Dr. <child's name>") in which to put all the Junior Vet Society's products; Working stethoscope; Pen and pad for writing medical notes. Yummy treats for pets at home to associate good things with being "examined". X-rays of a dog or cat, two surgical masks and caps, blood vial, syringes (no needles), tongue depressor, bandaging products, pill bottle. Guaranteed to keep your child occupied for hours!
  • Educational Materials: A "Safety First" booklet (including diagrams from the incredible Dr. Sophia Yin) talking about how to be safe around and respectful of animals; "The Veterinary Visit - Start to Finish" booklet that describes the importance of a good medical history and an introduction to SOAPs (a way of examining a patient, assessing any issues, and making a plan); and sample SOAP exam sheets to practice their knowledge.

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