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Paw Friction Pad Coating System

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Product Details

Why VAYD loves it:

We love this product for those senior dogs who slip and slide around wood floors. It really helps with gait stability and reduces the likelihood of falls or bambi-like splaying.


PawFriction paw pad coating system is designed to aid senior dogs and dogs with mobility issues gain traction on smooth surfaces like hardwood, tile and laminate. 100% safe virgin rubber granules and medical grade adhesive are easy to apply to any size dog.. Immediate paw pad traction. No sizing required. Aids in rehab and physical therapy. Reduces risk of injury. Easy to apply, dries quickly. Decreases thermal heat transfer from hot surfaces

Product Details:

Immediate paw pad traction No sizing required Aids in rehab and physical therapy Reduces risk of injury Easy to apply, dries quickly Decreases thermal heat transfer from hot surfaces


  • Material: Virgin Rubber Granules, Medical Grade Adhesive
  • Delivery Type: Topical
  • Contains: 2 oz virgin rubber granules, 4 pipettes of medical grade adhesive, sealable application tray with insert and application instruction booklet
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